Beyond Organic



Regenerative agriculture 

Regenerative agriculture: what does it mean? It means we build soil and increase animal wellbeing by moving our animals onto fresh ground daily. It means we enhance our local economy and community by selling our products to folks and food establishments who are close by. It means we opt for the grace and power of human management over machinery, petroleum and pharmaceuticals to produce abundance and enhance our landscape, every step of the way.  


the farm

We raise pastured livestock at PKFBF. Our primary enterprises are pastured chicken, pastured eggs, pastured pork, and grass-finished lamb. On a smaller scale, we also raise Thanksgiving turkeys, and intend to begin raising beef cows soon. Using electric fencing and mobile shelters, we choreograph our animals synergistically to improve our pastures.  Our chickens follow the herd of sheep, debugging the pasture and fertilizing as they go. Our pigs are rotated through the woods, where they stimulate new growth by rooting and help keep our trees healthy by eating parasites. Needless to say at this point, none of our animals are ever exposed to any harmful chemicals or confined inhumanely. 





where to buy

The best and easiest way to get our products is through our home delivery service. We deliver to homes within a ten mile radius of the farm on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, for no extra cost. To make an order for home delivery, send an email with subject like "Home Delivery" to We will reply with an order form. 


The Farmer

Malcolm Salovaara grew up on the farm. An avid environmentalist through high school and college, he became passionate about altering the course of agriculture after learning of its disproportionately negative effects on the climate and the planet's ecology. After various unsuccessful attempts at sedentary employment, he decided to return to his family's land with the goal of restoring health to soil and native ecosystems while simultaneously producing the most delicious, healthiest and regenerative food in the region.